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Passionfruit mousse recipe


This delicious passionfruit mousse dessert recipe is easy to make and bound to impress with its light texture and superb flavour.

I’m really excited to share this quick recipe with you because it really is the perfect tropical summer dessert.

I made this recently for family members and they absolutely loved the flavour and the way it just dissolves in your mouth.

I’ve already been asked when I am making it again and it hasn’t even been a week yet!

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Mango and avocado panzanella

Tropical panzanella 2

Tired of the serving up the same-old salad every time friends come around for a barbecue or party but don’t know how to mix it up a little? 

Then this easy mango and avocado panzanella dish is for you.

Panzanella is a traditional Tuscan recipe which literally translates to peasant salad.

Like so many recipes from Italy, it makes use of simple ingredients that would have been available to even the poorest families, hence the name.

It’s usually based around stale bread, tomatoes and onions. These ingredients would almost always be on hand in Italy.

At my family’s recent New Year gathering, one of my jobs was to bring along a salad. I didn’t want just any old salad though, I wanted something different, something interesting . . .

I started thinking about what is fresh and in-season here in the tropics in summer.

I started thinking mangoes.

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Pecan nuts


Forty years ago Innot Hot Springs farmer Bill Godden planted one of the few pecan nut orchards in the Far North.

Each winter, the nuts are harvested and sold mostly through word-of-mouth and local markets, providing top-quality produce for those who are lucky enough to be in the know.

I visited Bill at his property recently and found not only a first-class product, but also a true character of the Australian bush.

To tell you the truth, up until about a week ago, I didn’t know much about pecan nuts. Sure, I had heard of them – even used them from time to time – but they were always just something I’d bought off the supermarket shelf, with no idea of where they came from.

I just assumed they were something I couldn’t source locally . . .

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Homemade basil pesto


Sweet basil is one of the few Mediterranean-style herbs that grow well in the tropics and using it to make traditional Italian pesto is a fantastic way to enjoy its spicy flavour.

Basil is one herb you just have to grow in your garden.

Here in Northern Australia, very few European herbs can be grown in the ground. Most just manage to survive in a pot through the cooler months.

Basil is an exception.

It grows vigorously and as long as you can keep the grasshoppers and grubs away from it, bountiful crops are pretty much guaranteed . . .

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