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Mango and avocado panzanella

Tropical panzanella 2

Tired of the serving up the same-old salad every time friends come around for a barbecue or party but don’t know how to mix it up a little? 

Then this easy mango and avocado panzanella dish is for you.

Panzanella is a traditional Tuscan recipe which literally translates to peasant salad.

Like so many recipes from Italy, it makes use of simple ingredients that would have been available to even the poorest families, hence the name.

It’s usually based around stale bread, tomatoes and onions. These ingredients would almost always be on hand in Italy.

At my family’s recent New Year gathering, one of my jobs was to bring along a salad. I didn’t want just any old salad though, I wanted something different, something interesting . . .

I started thinking about what is fresh and in-season here in the tropics in summer.

I started thinking mangoes.

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